Decorated with murrinas and multi-colored spots, they come in 10 different main colors: red, orange, blue, light blue, yellow, green, light green, black, pink, white.
To be used not only as drinking glasses but also as markers during the most joyful dinners.
Sold individually: clients can pick sets made of the preferred colors or mix them up.
Aside drinking glasses, they can be used as small vases for flowers, toothbrush, pens and, filled with water, they can host floating candles for a wonderful atmosphere.
It is possible to order pitchers in any color to match the glasses or to stand out.
Pitchers have a transparent glass handle and are narrowed on the central part of the body.

Each glass is unique and varies in size; all are irregular in shape, some more than others, according to the Venetian tradition of the Goto (drinking glass) which suggests each piece is a one-of-a-kind.

Both glasses and caraffes have engraved on the bottom Murano

Approximate measures:
Goto: H. 5"- 5¼"  ; Diam. 3⅜" - 3¾"
Caraffe: H. 10¼" ; W. 4" ; L. 7" ; Capacity 1.5 liter.