Welcome to ZENTAO, the art of design intertwined with energy medicine by Yoli Valdes Gnesin. ZENTAO was designed to bring balance and positive energy into your life and your living space.

With such a great need for people to find peace, harmony and balance in their overly busy existence, my desire is to guide my clients in their experiential journey. My coaching transcends your entire life experience to help balance career, health, financial and relationships with all aspects of life. This life-balance experience is never quite complete until you create balance in the home, making it your peaceful sanctuary. Thus, begins our journey into ZENTAO™.

If you reside in a beautiful home that does not bring harmony to your energy profile, it will be difficult to attain a graceful, inspired and balanced living experience. I use my coaching system to help design a nurturing well-adjusted space that supports your spiritual and emotional well-being.

To harmonize what you do as a person, I use 8 steps for conscious living. We create living spaces based on these 8 principles.

1. Authenticity

2. Self-Observation

3. Self-Inquiry

4. Intention

5. Presence

6. love

7. Compassion

8. Service

These steps take priority and should be harmoniously tied in with the 8 principles of design. As Whitney Ferre points out, “the priority of The 8 Principles of Design: emphasis, balance, proportion, unity, harmony, contrast, rhythm, and repetition should be present not only in art but also in life.  This emphasis is also true in each room of our home. Exerted from the book, The Artist Within: A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit by ‘Whitney Ferre’

Your home should be an extension of your energy profile. With that in mind I would like you to self-evaluate by answering the following questions:

  • Does your home provide the energy needed to bring calm and balance to your busy lifestyle?
  • What is keeping you from having a peace-filled life?
  • Do you pay attention to the things that capture your eyes?
  • Are you living your purpose?
  • Do you see yourself repeating the same patterns over and over?
  • Home healing is for the person to live in a space that balance the whole

The energy in the home should embrace your spirit; upon entry, your home should start to balance your daily activities and bring your energy back to center harmonizing all aspects of your lifestyle with your spirit.

"Living in this energy flow is the center of the Tao practice and the way to connect with your inner essence, your Zen. As you become aware of your living space, you start to find ways to meet your needs making the space functional so that you can live healthier and happier."

If you are ready to take the first step towards your home and life, please contact us.